Deep Devil

The Deep Series Book #4

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea... is the last place you want to be.

Boone Fischer and Emily Durand have been through a lot in the past few years. A new beginning on the island of Cozumel is going swimmingly: their own dive boat, their own business, a new canine friend, and a room with a view. But a chance encounter with a staggeringly wealthy family and their luxury cruise line will bring pandemonium to this peaceful paradise.

In this fourth book of the best-selling Deep Series, Boone and Emily find themselves immersed in a world of wealth and privilege, where jealousy, greed, and deceit can lead down a dark path.

From drift dives in whipping currents to the claustrophobic confines of the infamous Devil's Throat; from the crashing waves on the “wild side” of Cozumel to a massive mega-yacht on the high seas, Deep Devil will take you to fascinating places. Some beautiful... some deadly.


The Deep Series of Books


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Deep Devil  is book four of The Deep Series. It is available now in print, kindle, or audiobook.

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Deep Cut Book Cover

Deep Roots  is book three of The Deep Series. It is available now in print, kindle, or audiobook.

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Deep Cut  is book two of The Deep Series. It is available now in print, kindle, or audiobook.

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Deep Shadow  is book one of The Deep Series. It is available now in print, kindle, or audiobook.

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“With every successive book in his Deep series, Nick Sullivan takes Boone and Emily to deeper depths, both in the ocean and within their own characters. And every time you think he’ll never top his last book, he does. Deep Devil is no exception to that rule! So, strap on your tanks and weights, prepare for adventure, and take a giant stride back into the Deep world!” 

Don Rich, author of the Coastal Adventure Series

“Better plan a decompression stop after diving into Nick Sullivan’s Greece meets Caribbean thriller, Deep Devil, where the conspiracies of the mega-rich tempt and close in on Boone and Emily, pitting them against ruthless mercenaries content to destroy anyone in their quest for riches! Another great installment in the series.” 

John H. Cunningham, author of the Buck Reilly Adventure Series

“No one writes ‘Caribbean’ like this guy! And Nick Sullivan proves it again with his latest page-ripper. This time, Sullivan provides a gripping theme of conscienceless greed and violence in the blue green waters off Cozumel. There’s such a solid, genuine feel to everything Nick writes, from deep diving and fast boats, to exotic women and bad guys. His tales feel like he’s a ‘been there done that’ guy, and those who have been there and done it, really appreciate that.” 

Michael Reisig, best-selling author of The Road To Key West series.

“Another fantastic adventure with Nick’s entertaining duo of Boone and Emily. An exciting romp around the Caribbean with a cleverly twisting plot and action at every turn.” 

Nicholas Harvey, author of the AJ Bailey Adventure Series


Nick Sullivan - Deep Shadow Author

Born in East Tennessee, Nick Sullivan has spent most of his adult life as an actor in New York City, working in theater, television, film, and audiobooks. After recording hundreds of books over the last twenty years he decided to write some of his own. An avid scuba diver for many years, his travels to numerous Caribbean islands have inspired The Deep Series. Deep Shadow is set in Bonaire and its sequel, Deep Cut, is set in the little island of Saba. Book Three, Deep Roots, takes place in Belize, and Book Four will take Boone Fischer and Emily Durand up the coast to Cozumel.

Far from the underwater world, Nick's first book, Zombie Bigfoot, reached #1 in Horror Comedy. A wild romp of a creature feature, its sequel is in the works.


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